The City of Skopje as our authority is our main partner in all of the educational and project activities.
There is the Youth Association of Vocational High Schools in Macedonia in which we are taking active part, in fact the chairman of this organization is one of our colleagues – they collaborate in organizing different competitions on a state level in which our students actively participate

We collaborate with the US Agency for International Development currently, on three different projects: the Secondary Education Activity (reforming the secondary education), YES Network – which is a project for developing students competences and skills in correspondence with the employers’ needs,

State Agency for Employment is another partner in the project for adults’ vocational education
-There are many students that volunteer in the humanitarian and charity activities organized by the Red Cross of City of Skopje

There was a teacher exchange with Tempe High School district –also currently some of our students are also in the process of election (keep your fingers crossed)

The Agency for Personal Data protection is carrying out a project on Personal Data Protection on the social media through various activities such as lectures and workshops

The Eco School is another of our projects, where work on the goal to become a member of international network of Eco Schools,

E-Medica is one of the projects that we are most proud of

And last, but not the least, our most important partner, the Faculty of Medicine which enables our students to perform practical teaching there

Extra curricular activities:
Out of the extra-curricular activities there are many clubs (drama, music, literature, astronomy and many many more)


There are sports teams that are very active and successful on a regional and state level…Very often, school trips in our country and Europe are organized…etc


  • Two  consecutive  first  place  prizes  at  the state  >Leader of profile<  competition
  • First  place  on  international  competition  in Biology
  • Prize  “November 13th”  for  outstanding achievement  in  education